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About Royal Pet Box

Royal Pet Box, the brainchild of some creative souls, emerged in 2024 amidst the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, California. We embarked on a daring quest to create pet products that are simply luxurious, yet highly functional. We strive to offer premium, eco-friendly, cruelty-free products for your beloved pet. For instance, we opt for the natural material 'raffia' over bird feathers in our cat toys because animals come first in our philosophy. With Royal Pet Box products, your kings and queens will be treated with royalty.

Who We Are

Allow us to introduce the extraordinary team behind the sensational Royal Pet Box brand. And guess what? We're proud to say that we're a fierce women-owned enterprise!

Chief Executive Officer

Our Chief Executive Officer


Paris's educational background includes obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from UCLA. Her love for animals extends to various activities such as volunteering at a farm sanctuary, contributing to the preservation of Orangutans in Indonesia, and actively participating in animal rescues. With this background, Paris is well-equipped to provide expert insights on the products available in the store. Her extensive knowledge in human behavior and cultural studies gives her a unique perspective that customers can trust.

Lea the Chief Operating Officer

Our Chief Operating Officer


Say hello to Lea, the ultimate animal lover and tech genius! With a Bachelor's in Information Systems and a Master's in Public Administration, she's dedicated to giving your pet the red-carpet treatment. Prepare for a wag-tastic adventure!

Judy our seamstress

Contract Seamstress


Judy works behind-the-scenes to sew and assemble the spectacular Royal Pet Box cat toys. She also owns her own Red Door Quilting Studio in Yucaipa, California and is available for custom quilting work and more!

Barrett our Balm Creator

Balm Creator


Barrett creates premium pet balms for Royal Pet Box. She also owns Barrett's Balms & Bobbins, where she sells hand-crafted artisan bags, a variety of balms, and additional products.

Mickey the dog

Chief Dog Product Tester


When it comes to Mickey, his preferences include whipped cream, long walks on the beach, as well as a fondness for TV shows and movies that star dogs. Mickey's contribution in ensuring the regal quality of our products is invaluable!

Maerny the cat

Chief Cat Product Tester


Maerny can intensely sniff out top-notch cat products. She's the final approval authority for purrfect cat products! As you can see, she takes her job very seriously.