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Luxury Cat Box Gift Set With Cat Kicker Toy, Fish Pole Toy, Pad Balm, Brush, and Animated Ball

Luxury Cat Box Gift Set With Cat Kicker Toy, Fish Pole Toy, Pad Balm, Brush, and Animated Ball

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Our Luxury Cat Box Gift Set With Cat Kicker Toy, Fishing Pole Toy, Pad Balm, Brush, and Animated Ball set includes our renowned Luxury Tweed Cat Kicker Toy activated with Silver Vine and Catnip, our Extendible Fish Pole Cat Toy with Catnip, our premium all natural Pet Pad Balm, our Luxury Pet Brush, and a comical animated rechargeable cat toy ball. Save money with this bundle and gift it to a friend who recently welcomed a kitten or to someone special who owns a cat. This is the perfect gift for cat baby showers or simply to show your love for their beloved furry companion. Gift basket lovers will appreciate the value of this gift set. This gift box is for cats only. Supervision during play is suggested. 

What's In The Box?

1) Our Luxury Cat Kicker Toy in Gray Tweed with Silver Vine and Catnip is handcrafted in the USA using high-quality tweed fabric that provides the texture cats love. The toy features a non-toxic silver vine stick inside plus flaked catnip, as well as crackling material to entice your cat. An organic straw called "raffia" is also sewn into the seams for added excitement. Whether your cat responds to catnip, silver vine, or both, this toy is a luxurious addition to your cat's toy box.* Watch a cat using this kicker toy for the first time in the video. Important notes about this product:
  • To start interest in the toy, hold the toy and tickle your cat with the raffia while they are on their back or side.
  • For your cat's safety, supervise them during playtime with this and other toys.
  • Each toy measures approximately 10" x 2.5".
  • Spot clean only. Do not wash.
  • Be sure to rotate your cat's toys regularly to maintain their interest.
  • Keep this toy away from dogs, as they may try to steal, chew, or destroy it.
  • The life of this product varies between cats and usage. The more the toy wears, the more your cat has used it.
  • Please discard the product once the outside fabric has worn down or has been torn open. 
  • Each toy is hand crafted in the USA and may vary slightly from the photo. 
*Note: On occasion, a cat will not respond to either catnip or silver vine. The kicker will nonetheless be an exciting toy for your cat to kick.

2) Our unmatched Luxury Fish Pole Cat Toy is a blast for humans to play with their furry feline friends. Boasting a periscoping feature that allows it to extend the pole up to five feet, this toy will have your cat jumping, swatting, and pouncing with excitement. A pulley system allows you to raise or lower the fish toy on the pole, depending on your cat's preference and play space. Cottage-grown catnip has been inserted into the tweed cat toy. And with top-of-the-line design and engineering, you can expect durability and performance that our competitors simply can't match. Key characteristics include:
  • Periscoping Fish Pole Extends to 5 Feet! Helps avoid owner contact with cat while it's playing hard with sharp little claws.
  • Pulley System Drops & Raises Fish Toy
  • Toy Made in The USA With High Quality Textured Tweed Fabric Cats Love 
  • Cottage Grown Catnip Inside - Grown Without Pesticides
  • Stainless Steel for Durability
  • Soft Grip Handle
  • No Animal Feathers Used! - Raffia Organic Material Is Included to Tickle Cats
  • Lanyard for Hanging Up Toy After Use
  • Cute Removable Royal Pet Box Keychain Attached
  • Always Supervise Cats During Playtime and Store Away From Pet When Not In Use
  • Keep This Toy Away From Dogs and Children
  • Spot Clean Only - Do Not Wash
  • Approximately 12" x 2" when not in use
  • Approximately 63" x 2" when fully extended

3) All Natural Paw Pad Balm for Cats and Dogs moisturizes paw pads. Made with organic shea butter, organic unrefined coconut oil, and beeswax that nourishes and moisturizes dry, cracked pads. Simply apply a small amount as needed for soft, supple pads. For best results, use at night to avoid any potential slipping on hard floors. Comes in a beautiful 2.0 oz tin. 

4) Luxury Dog and Cat Brush -- a must-have for every pampered pet. It provides message and promotes blood circulation with its 140 degree curved com teeth and resin massage points. Its stainless steel comb teeth make it easy to wash. Press the button to push out the hair for easy cleaning. Your pet deserves the best, and this brush delivers. With gentle massaging and improved blood flow, this clever tool's 140 degree curved com teeth and resin massage points are the perfect way to pamper your dog or cat. The brushed is shaped as a cute little pink piglet--adorableness your whole family will appreciate!

5) A hilarious automatic 360 self-rotating and rolling cat toy ball which comes in pink or blue. (Color will be a surprise!) This ball is USB rechargeable for repeated enjoyment. Charging block is not included. Comes with required charging cable. Supervise when in use. For cats only. Do not submerge ball in water.  

Learn more about Silver Vine in an article written by our Chief Executive Officer.
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