Dog Kibble Taste Test Kit With Scorecard

Because your pet needs variety, too!

Kibble Sample Kits

We pick from top pet kibble brands in the United States and ship them in a box straight to your home. The kit contains at least ten kibble samples and a score card for you to judge which new flavors your pet likes most. IMPORTANT NOTE: Always check with your veterinarian before changing foods.

  • Use for a Taste Test

    Use a variety of kibble samples to perform a taste test to determine which one your pet likes. Scoring card included!

  • Use as a Topper

    Sprinkle your pet's favorite kibble sample on top of your pet's regular food for variety.

  • Use as a Treat

    Use various kibble samples as hand-fed reward treats. It's amazing how your pet will react to something that tastes and smells different!

  • Diversify Meals

    Switch to your pet's favorite kibble to diversify your pet’s meals. Check with your veterinarian before changing food.