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Luxury Cat Kicker Toy in Gray Tweed with Silver Vine and Catnip

Luxury Cat Kicker Toy in Gray Tweed with Silver Vine and Catnip

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This Luxury Cat Kicker Toy in Gray Tweed with Silver Vine and Catnip is handcrafted in the USA using high-quality tweed fabric that provides the texture cats love. The toy features a non-toxic silver vine stick inside plus flaked catnip, as well as crackling material to entice your cat. An organic straw called "raffia" is also sewn into the seams for added excitement.

The toy is designed to mimic prey, allowing cats to exercise their natural hunting instincts. Cats love to bat, kick, and pounce on these toys, which provides them with physical and mental stimulation. The soft material and lightweight design make them easy for cats to manipulate and carry around in their mouths.

Whether your cat responds to catnip, silver vine, or both, this toy is a luxurious addition to your cat's toy box.* Watch a cat using this kicker toy for the first time in the video. Important notes about this product:
  • To start interest in the toy, hold the toy and tickle your cat's with the raffia while they are on their back or side.
  • For your cat's safety, supervise them during playtime with this and other toys.
  • Each toy measures approximately 10" x 2.5".
  • Spot clean only. Do not wash.
  • Be sure to rotate your cat's toys regularly to maintain their interest.
  • Keep this toy away from dogs, as they may try to steal, chew, or destroy it.
  • The life of this product varies between cats and usage. The more the toy wears, the more your cat has used it.
  • Please discard the product once the outside fabric has worn down or has been torn open. 
  • Each toy is hand crafted in the USA and may vary slightly from the photo. 
*Note: On occasion, a cat will not respond to either catnip or silver vine. The kicker will nonetheless be an exciting toy for your cat to kick.

Learn more about Silver Vine in an article written by our Chief Executive Officer.
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