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Luxury Extendible Fish Pole Cat Toy With Catnip

Luxury Extendible Fish Pole Cat Toy With Catnip

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Our unmatched Luxury Fish Pole Cat Toy is a blast for humans to play with their furry feline friends. Boasting a periscoping feature that allows it to extend the pole up to five feet, this toy will have your cat jumping, swatting, and pouncing with excitement. A pulley system allows you to raise or lower the fish toy on the pole, depending on your cat's preference and play space. Cottage-grown catnip has been inserted into the tweed cat toy. And with top-of-the-line design and engineering, you can expect durability and performance that our competitors simply can't match. Key characteristics include:

  • Periscoping Fish Pole Extends to 5 Feet! Helps avoid owner contact with cat while it's playing hard with sharp little claws.
  • Pulley System Drops & Raises Fish Toy
  • Toy Made in The USA With High Quality Textured Tweed Fabric Cats Love 
  • Cottage Grown Catnip Inside - Grown Without Pesticides
  • Stainless Steel for Durability
  • Soft Grip Handle
  • No Animal Feathers Used! - Raffia Organic Material Is Included to Tickle Cats
  • Lanyard for Hanging Up Toy After Use
  • Cute Removable Royal Pet Box Keychain Attached
  • Always Supervise Cats During Playtime and Store Away From Pet When Not In Use
  • Keep This Toy Away From Dogs and Children
  • Spot Clean Only - Do Not Wash
  • Approximately 12" x 2" when not in use
  • Approximately 63" x 2" when fully extended
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